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We offer different courses of Tuscan specialties

Fresh Pasta

Tagliatelle, tagliolini, ravioli, gnocchi

Bread and Focaccia


Quick Recipes

Pasta and fagioli, risotti


Pies and cakes

Our kitchens are welcoming and well organised

For every Italian family, the kitchen is the center of everything.
It is where we all get together and, with the excuse of eating, we talk to and connect.
In our Villa, there are three kitchens:

The school Kitchen

It’s the one designated for our cooking courses. It’s cozy, refined, and well-organized. Among all the rooms in the Villa, I love this one the most.

The outdoor kitchen

We designed it to make the most of the Tuscan spring and summer. It allows you to enjoy a culinary experience surrounded by greenery, beautiful landscapes, and magnificent sunsets.

Grandma Iolanda’s

On the ground floor of the Villa is the family kitchen. If the weather doesn’t grant cooking outside, this Tuscan characteristic brickwork kitchen will welcome you. Here you will breathe the veritable atmosphere of an Italian family.


a 19th – century villa


Villa del Drago is a 19th-century villa on a beautiful hillside in the Val di Chiana surrounded by woods.

This house was the coronation of my parent’s dream, and living here is like being part of that dream.


“Life is a combination of pasta and magic” (F. Fellini)

About me

I grew up in Arezzo, in the Tuscan hills, and my childhood memories link to food. I still remember the “penne al pomodoro” I ate in kindergarten, the onion dip I ate while sitting in my aunt Rosina’s vegetable garden, the picnics we went on with the whole family, and the milk and biscuits my Dad prepared for me every morning. Each Sunday, I woke up to the smell of sauce my mother was cooking.

I would be lying if I said that my passion for food did not influence my desire to learn to cook, and I honestly always thought that cooking would be the best thing I could do in life.

I prefer simple and wholesome cuisine with excellent quality and seasonal raw materials. I handle food with passion and respect because I know the effort and time it takes to grow a tomato, a courgette, or an aubergine.

My husband and I produce olive oil, and we know that if we want a good harvest, we must put all our efforts all year round and grow our olive trees as a mother would do with a child. I consider each one of my recipes a gesture of love. After all, cooking is not difficult if you do it with joy.

During your stay in my family home, we will experience the loveliness of traditional Tuscan recipes handed down from generation to generation in a journey through memories and stories.

Maria Cristina Gallorini

My vegetable garden

For me, cooking is passion, love, and poetry. The possibility of using the products we grow in our vegetable garden is a great satisfaction. We cultivate tomatoes, aubergines, courgettes, onions, garlic, and salad. We also have a variety of aromatic herbs, such as basil, parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, and oregano. Every year we use our tomatoes to make tomato puree, a special sauce used all year round for meat sauce and pizza. We also prepare confiture, pickles and much more.

“Life is a combination of pasta and magic” (F. Fellini)

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Villa del Drago is located in province of Civitella in Val di Chiana 800mt off the SS Provincial road from Arezzo to Valdarno the nearest town Ponticino and Pieve a Maiano, Arezzo is 9km.
For guests arriving from Valdarno drive past Ponticino after 1km look for signs, Villa del Drago 800 meters.
For guests arriving of the A1 from either Milan or Rome exit Arezzo, drive in direction of Ponte a Chiani, follow signs to Montevarchi ( SP 69P ) drive past Indicatore, Pieve a Maiano and after 2km look out for sign, Villa del Drago 800 meters.
Please don’t turn on the B&B, go straight up on the hill.

If you use sat. nav.

Località Poggio del Drago no. 22

 52041 Civitella in Val di Chiana AREZZO.


Phone +39 347 737 82 46

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